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Play a DVD with VLC (Mac)

Play a DVD with VLC (Mac) from Home Theater Cookbook (on Vimeo).

So here’s the first recipe, and it’s a pretty simple one. We’ll play a standard DVD using the VLC player program.


1 – A Macintosh computer with a DVD-ROM drive.

1 – The VLC Player program.

1 – A standard DVD.


  1. Insert the DVD movie or video you want to watch into your Mac.
  2. The default program for a DVD on a Mac is called “DVD Player” and it will start automatically unless you go into its preference settings and disable the auto play on insert function. If DVD Player did start when you inserted the disc, quit that software.
  3. Open the VLC program.
  4. In VLC, drag the DVD disc icon into the “Drop media here” window (you can also choose File>Open Disc…)
  5. Your DVD disc should be listed, so clicking the Open button should start playback.
  6. The disc should begin playing (you may need to choose “Play” or something similar from a disc menu). You can use the arrow keys to navigate the menu. Press Enter to make a selection.
  7. You can view the movie full screen by choosing Video>Fullscreen from the menu. You can also use the ⌘-F keyboard shortcut. Press the shortcut again (or ESC) to go back to the smaller window.
  8. That’s it. Enjoy your movie.


  1. Karina

    Hi, I’ve tried to follow your insructions, but the DVD won’t play. After I’ve tried to start it there’s an yellow triangel infront of the DVD title in the playlist, do you know why?

    Thank you,

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