Play a DVD with VLC (Windows) from Home Theater Cookbook on Vimeo.


1 – A Windows computer with a DVD-ROM drive.

1 – The VLC Player program.

1 – A standard DVD.


  1. Insert the DVD movie or video you want to watch into your Windows computer.
  2. There generally is no default program set for a DVD inserted into a Windows computer. What you are likely to get is the AutoPlay dialog asking you to select the program to play your DVD. If VLC is installed properly, it should be one of the choices to play your DVD. To make VLC the default player for a DVD, check the box “Always do this for DVD movies” and then choose Play DVD movie using VLC media player.
  3. The disc should begin playing. You can use the arrow keys to navigate the menu. Press Enter to make a selection.
  4. You can view the movie full screen by choosing Video>Fullscreen from the menu. You can also use the F keyboard shortcut. Press the shortcut again (or ESC) to go back to the smaller window.
  5. That’s it. Enjoy your movie.
  6. Another way to start the movie playing from the DVD with VLC is to have the Computer window open, right-clicking on the DVD and choosing Play with VLC media player.
  7. Yet another way to play a DVD is to have the Computer window open along with the VLC media player window open and drag the DVD icon into the VLC media player window.