The Scorn it Deserves

As I mentioned on my personal blog, I wanted to find the most expensive HDMI cable, at least at a major online electronics retailer. I found the “AudioQuest – Diamond 3.3′ High-Speed HDMI Cable – Dark Gray/Black“. It’s almost $1,100. As I mentioned in my article about How I Picked An HDMI Cable, I spent $5.99 to have one shipped to my door. A quick calculation demonstrates that I could buy 183 of them for what BB is charging for one cable.

It’s shameful. However, in that vain, “reviewers” of that cable have shown it the necessary scorn by writing “glowing” product reviews. They are entertaining to say the least. As you’ll see, this particular HDMI cable is great for fighting Werewolves, will help you make sense of the movie “Inception”, and you can give your girlfriend a diamond while at the same time improving your home theater experience. Go read the reviews and then go order a cable that is twice as long (if you need it that long) for 0.5% of the price of the Audio Quest cable.

Funny that name “Best Buy”. Go see this and all the outrageously expensive cables they are selling.

By the way, I didn’t want to even get into the legalities of using a screenshot from the Best Buy website, so I used a generic image from Wikipedia.

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  1. Carter

    It amazes me that some companies are selling HDMI cables at over 1k! It makes me wonder if they have ever made a sale even after almost everyone knows by now that a 5 dollar HDMI cable performs exactly the same as a $80 cable and even a $1,100 dollar cable.

    Thanks for pointing out those reviews as well. There are some gems in there for sure 🙂

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